Anybody who believes in God, particularly Christians, would have an idea of what Grace means. Basically, this refers to the enablement to do something, which cannot be normally accomplished based on your capacity or strength.

It is also the privilege which God grants his children who have a profound fellowship with him.

Breaking free in the addiction process cannot be done ordinarily, there is a need for the input of Grace. If there is no Grace, someone who is addicted, would find it difficult to stop, and they would be less concerned about the negative effects which come with it.

Someone who is addicted would barely think of people around them, they are majorly concerned about themselves.

This is why, they would normally place more premium on their addiction, than their family and friends. Hence, you will discover that, the person does not have a good relationship with his or her loved ones.

This gives you an insight on how the person would also have a strained relationship with God. Addiction draws an individual away from God, and the only way to salvage this, is Grace.

This is an advantage which believers have, over secular people, and it is essential in defeating addiction.

There is no sin which Grace cannot conquer. Addiction is a sin, and this means that it can be defeated by Grace. Someone who is Grace will be endued with the power to endure the cravings and triggers which comes with addiction.

Grace helps a person to put off their sinful and selfish nature, and be immersed in the loving and pure nature of God.

In the church, when addiction treatment is being talked about, the concept of Grace cannot be sidelined. Christian counselors are aware of the beneficial effects, and hence, they will always stress the importance.

With Grace, overcoming addiction becomes quite easy, and people who do not understand, will come to a conclusion that, there is an involvement of a higher power. This is entirely true.  


Addiction is a compulsive and obsessive disease which cannot easily be defeated. It has the capacity to destroy a person’s life gradually. Christians are not left out in the fight against addiction as well.

This shows that addiction is no respecter of persons. However, it is safe to say that Christians have an advantage because of the acknowledgement of a higher power.

Now, the commonest way to defeat addiction, is to enroll in a rehabilitation center, get scheduled for counseling and therapy sessions, detoxification and the likes, before recovery takes place.

As a matter of fact, there is usually provision for aftercare services in case there is a relapse.

For Christians, addiction goes beyond the physical effect, there are also spiritual effects, one of which is faith loss. For a Christian, loss of faith is as a result of an unstable fellowship with God.

Addiction prevents you from having a smooth form of communication with God, and the only way this fellowship can be restored is, faith.

People who are addicted tend to go back and forth when it comes to the Christian faith, and the only way to keep them in check, is for the church to step in.

There are professional Christian counseling services in the church which are adept at catering for the mental health of all members.

The amazing part about this is, these professional counselors are all-rounders. They have the necessary expertise to provide top-notch counseling services. They are also well read when it comes to the Bible, spiritual concepts and the likes.

So, you can be sure that, while they provide their counseling services, they would also utilize the opportunity to preach the Christian faith. Hence, while they address the physical effects of addiction, they will also attend to the spiritual aspect.

The restoration of faith in addiction recovery is integral, and one of the best places to achieve this, is the church. When an individual accepts the fact that, there is a higher power, and submission is necessary, addiction would be subdued.  


Not everyone is aware of the fact that, Christian counseling exists in the addiction process. The way counseling works in the corporate world, is similar to the way Christian counseling operates.

However, there are some features which sets them apart. Christian counseling sheds more light on spirituality, and this is not addressed by the corporate world.

Christian counseling has two major focus: addiction recovery and spiritual recovery. Christian counseling teaches us that, addiction does not only have a physical effect, there is also a spiritual repercussion, and both aspects must be addressed.

Addiction is a disease which gradually destroys a person physically, and it does not stop there, it affects the spiritual side of a person.

Someone who is addicted would not typically have a stable fellowship with God, and this is because his or her life is still subjected to the addiction power.

So, in order for the person to get back on track, there is an important need to conquer the physical and spiritual sides of addiction.

Christian counseling also teaches a person of God’s love, they are made to understand that, he loves everyone irrespective of our shortcomings.

He wants everyone to repent, and have a relationship with him, which would definitely be a fruitful one. Someone who embraces God’s love will definitely be transformed physically and spiritually.

This is one of the trademarks of Christian counseling. They show the importance of embracing this love, and offer spiritual guidance. Christian counselors are individuals who have been proven to have a concrete and stable relationship with God, and they are the ones fit to handle the aspect of addiction treatment in the church.

Such person is meant to be emotionally and spiritually stable. He or she must always approach all issues within the church, from the love point of view. There must be no form of condemnation or bias when attending to various issues.

For Christians who are willing to defeat addiction, opting for Christian counseling is one of the trusted and safest ways to do so.


People who are addicted, can attest to the fact that, it is one of the toughest battles they have encountered. Addicted individuals should not be left alone; they should be in the company of people who can be trusted. One of the best groups where an addicted person can be found, is the church.  

The church does not serve as a place of worship, it is a place which places the priority of Christians on a high pedestal. It can be said that, the church is one of the places, where conventional official protocols become unofficial.

The church has an important role, with the provision of a profound support system, which will cater for the needs of people.

A good number of people are not aware of the fact that, someone can get counseling services for free in a church.

Some of the people who offer these counseling services are professionals, and they would collect a certain fee if they were at their workplace. However, since it is a church, they would not necessarily charge you to render a service.

It is essential to allows have a support system which promotes the fight against addiction. There would be instances when you would feel like going back to your addiction. But with the kind of support system you have, it would be impossible to do so.

The church is also a place you can refer to as family. This is a place where people put aside their differences, so that they can achieve a common goal.

There is ample compassion to go around in the church, and the reason for this is not far-fetched. The source of compassion is God, and it is unending.

Prayer is another lifestyle of the church, and it is quintessential in defeating addiction. When an individual prays on a regular basis, it assists in strengthening your connection to the higher power.

In no time, you will be amazed that you have made great feats in improving your spiritual life, and defeating addiction.


Addiction is a problem which people often struggle with. It is a condition in which people find themselves helpless against a particular act or substance.

A good number of times, most of these addictive substances and act are usually disadvantageous. However, the addicted individual does not care about this.

People who are addicted have one goal when it comes to the addiction process, and that is to satisfy their addiction lust. There is this form of regret which comes with addiction, and individuals usually make a resolution to quit addiction.

However, it does not work out as planned, as they could find themselves caught up once again in the web of addiction.

Everyone believes in the presence of a higher power, but not everyone is aware that God can heal an individual from addiction. For Christians, addiction is a disease, so breaking free means that you have been healed.

God is the most reliable source in addiction healing, and Christians who are addicted are implored to draw closer to God. One of the demerits of addiction in Christianity is, it takes you farther away from God.

Better put, it makes your fellowship with God unstable. However, retracing your steps ensures that, you have a more defined fellowship with God.

Drawing closer to God for addiction healing, gives you peace within. It disallows you from being troubled unnecessarily. There is a form of unrest which comes with addiction, and only God has the power to take such feelings away.

In addition to this, it also helps you to pray better and know God more. Addiction healing is one of the numerous healing capacities of God, and Christians must utilize this opportunity to tap into the blessings associated with knowing God.

For people who do not know how to go about this, the first step is to attend a Bible-believing church, and see the pastor. Definitely, a session would be scheduled for you, where you would tell your story, and you will be prayed for.