Anybody who believes in God, particularly Christians, would have an idea of what Grace means. Basically, this refers to the enablement to do something, which cannot be normally accomplished based on your capacity or strength.

It is also the privilege which God grants his children who have a profound fellowship with him.

Breaking free in the addiction process cannot be done ordinarily, there is a need for the input of Grace. If there is no Grace, someone who is addicted, would find it difficult to stop, and they would be less concerned about the negative effects which come with it.

Someone who is addicted would barely think of people around them, they are majorly concerned about themselves.

This is why, they would normally place more premium on their addiction, than their family and friends. Hence, you will discover that, the person does not have a good relationship with his or her loved ones.

This gives you an insight on how the person would also have a strained relationship with God. Addiction draws an individual away from God, and the only way to salvage this, is Grace.

This is an advantage which believers have, over secular people, and it is essential in defeating addiction.

There is no sin which Grace cannot conquer. Addiction is a sin, and this means that it can be defeated by Grace. Someone who is Grace will be endued with the power to endure the cravings and triggers which comes with addiction.

Grace helps a person to put off their sinful and selfish nature, and be immersed in the loving and pure nature of God.

In the church, when addiction treatment is being talked about, the concept of Grace cannot be sidelined. Christian counselors are aware of the beneficial effects, and hence, they will always stress the importance.

With Grace, overcoming addiction becomes quite easy, and people who do not understand, will come to a conclusion that, there is an involvement of a higher power. This is entirely true.