Addiction is a compulsive and obsessive disease which cannot easily be defeated. It has the capacity to destroy a person’s life gradually. Christians are not left out in the fight against addiction as well.

This shows that addiction is no respecter of persons. However, it is safe to say that Christians have an advantage because of the acknowledgement of a higher power.

Now, the commonest way to defeat addiction, is to enroll in a rehabilitation center, get scheduled for counseling and therapy sessions, detoxification and the likes, before recovery takes place.

As a matter of fact, there is usually provision for aftercare services in case there is a relapse.

For Christians, addiction goes beyond the physical effect, there are also spiritual effects, one of which is faith loss. For a Christian, loss of faith is as a result of an unstable fellowship with God.

Addiction prevents you from having a smooth form of communication with God, and the only way this fellowship can be restored is, faith.

People who are addicted tend to go back and forth when it comes to the Christian faith, and the only way to keep them in check, is for the church to step in.

There are professional Christian counseling services in the church which are adept at catering for the mental health of all members.

The amazing part about this is, these professional counselors are all-rounders. They have the necessary expertise to provide top-notch counseling services. They are also well read when it comes to the Bible, spiritual concepts and the likes.

So, you can be sure that, while they provide their counseling services, they would also utilize the opportunity to preach the Christian faith. Hence, while they address the physical effects of addiction, they will also attend to the spiritual aspect.

The restoration of faith in addiction recovery is integral, and one of the best places to achieve this, is the church. When an individual accepts the fact that, there is a higher power, and submission is necessary, addiction would be subdued.  

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