Not everyone is aware of the fact that, Christian counseling exists in the addiction process. The way counseling works in the corporate world, is similar to the way Christian counseling operates.

However, there are some features which sets them apart. Christian counseling sheds more light on spirituality, and this is not addressed by the corporate world.

Christian counseling has two major focus: addiction recovery and spiritual recovery. Christian counseling teaches us that, addiction does not only have a physical effect, there is also a spiritual repercussion, and both aspects must be addressed.

Addiction is a disease which gradually destroys a person physically, and it does not stop there, it affects the spiritual side of a person.

Someone who is addicted would not typically have a stable fellowship with God, and this is because his or her life is still subjected to the addiction power.

So, in order for the person to get back on track, there is an important need to conquer the physical and spiritual sides of addiction.

Christian counseling also teaches a person of God’s love, they are made to understand that, he loves everyone irrespective of our shortcomings.

He wants everyone to repent, and have a relationship with him, which would definitely be a fruitful one. Someone who embraces God’s love will definitely be transformed physically and spiritually.

This is one of the trademarks of Christian counseling. They show the importance of embracing this love, and offer spiritual guidance. Christian counselors are individuals who have been proven to have a concrete and stable relationship with God, and they are the ones fit to handle the aspect of addiction treatment in the church.

Such person is meant to be emotionally and spiritually stable. He or she must always approach all issues within the church, from the love point of view. There must be no form of condemnation or bias when attending to various issues.

For Christians who are willing to defeat addiction, opting for Christian counseling is one of the trusted and safest ways to do so.

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