Addiction is a problem which people often struggle with. It is a condition in which people find themselves helpless against a particular act or substance.

A good number of times, most of these addictive substances and act are usually disadvantageous. However, the addicted individual does not care about this.

People who are addicted have one goal when it comes to the addiction process, and that is to satisfy their addiction lust. There is this form of regret which comes with addiction, and individuals usually make a resolution to quit addiction.

However, it does not work out as planned, as they could find themselves caught up once again in the web of addiction.

Everyone believes in the presence of a higher power, but not everyone is aware that God can heal an individual from addiction. For Christians, addiction is a disease, so breaking free means that you have been healed.

God is the most reliable source in addiction healing, and Christians who are addicted are implored to draw closer to God. One of the demerits of addiction in Christianity is, it takes you farther away from God.

Better put, it makes your fellowship with God unstable. However, retracing your steps ensures that, you have a more defined fellowship with God.

Drawing closer to God for addiction healing, gives you peace within. It disallows you from being troubled unnecessarily. There is a form of unrest which comes with addiction, and only God has the power to take such feelings away.

In addition to this, it also helps you to pray better and know God more. Addiction healing is one of the numerous healing capacities of God, and Christians must utilize this opportunity to tap into the blessings associated with knowing God.

For people who do not know how to go about this, the first step is to attend a Bible-believing church, and see the pastor. Definitely, a session would be scheduled for you, where you would tell your story, and you will be prayed for.

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